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To get the EEM Strategy or process started, an Energy/Emissions Management (EEM) Team should be formed. The EEM team will be responsible for establishing and managing the EEM strategy or process. This Section provides information on how to set up an EEM Team.

Establishing an Emissions and Energy Management (EEM) Team

The EEM Team will take the lead in:

(1) Identifying their company's air emissions and energy consumption
(2) Establishing energy/emissions reduction targets,
(3) Developing energy/emissions reduction plans,
(4) Implementing the reduction plans,
(5) Conducting regular energy/emissions audits,
(6) Comparing audit findings with reduction targets, and
(7) Reviewing energy/emissions reduction targets.

The EEM Team should comprise, at a minimum, an EEM Manager supported by an EEM Team that includes representation from different departments.

Appointing an EEM Manager

The duties of the EEM Manager should include:

  • Liaison with top management on the company's strategy on energy/emissions reduction;
  • Development and review of the EEM Strategy;
  • Establishing the energy/emissions reduction targets;
  • Facilitating and driving implementation of the EEM Strategy with support of top management;
  • Raising awareness of, and providing advice to, staff on energy/emissions reduction measures; and,
  • Monitoring and improving the effectiveness of the EEM Strategy.

It is important that the EEM manager is appointed by senior management and he or she receives the full support of the senior management team. The individual selected should:

  • Have sufficient influence and authority to implement the EEM Strategy across the organisation;
  • Be familiar with the operation of different departments within the organization; and
  • Have a good understanding of the need to reduce energy consumption and emissions.

Setting up an EEM Team

The EEM Team should include representatives from different departments across the organization. Members of the Team should take responsibility for managing EEM issues under the chairmanship of the EEM Manager.

The duties of the EEM Team should include:

  • Providing skills, knowledge and expertise to support the implementation of the EEM programme;
  • Collecting and collating information to develop and monitor the EEM Strategy;
  • Raising staff awareness of, and enthusiasm for, emissions reduction and energy saving measures;
  • Driving implementation of measures to reduce emissions and minimize energy consumption;
  • Providing information and training to staff; and
  • Evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of the Strategy with the support of the EEM Manager.

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