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The Clean Air Charter is launched by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and the Hong Kong Business Coalition on the Environment to seek support and endorsement in the business community, on a voluntary basis, to reduce emission and implement air quality management. It is supported by a range of activities including Outreach Programme, Public Campaign and Research.

Outreach Programme
Business for Clean Air:
Clean Air Charter Certification Scheme

The Clean Air Charter Certification Scheme is now open for application.  We trust that every business can do something to help clean the air, and it is possible to be profitable and to care for the environment at the same time.@Your participation in the scheme is more than just about a certification, but also a process of partnership to seek improvement in energy conservation and emission reduction.


We therefore invite Clean Air Charter endorsers to take part in the certification scheme and put in place the air quality management programmes.  By doing so, companies like yourselves will be acting as role models for others to follow.  >>> Business for Clean Air

Public Engagement Exercise on Better Air Quality

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce organised three partner events with the Council for Sustainable Development to seek views from all stakeholders on how to improve air quality. 

World Environment Day - Project CLEAN AIR Moves Across the Border  
Training Seminar on Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction
5 June 2007, Guangzhou

Over 200 Hong Kong and Guangdong businessmen attended a training seminar in Guangzhou on 5 June 2007 (World Environment Day), which was part of the outreach programme of the Project CLEAN AIR to spread the clean air message across the border.  Besides Guangdong senior officials and Hong Kong community leaders, environmental experts of both sides were invited to share knowledge and expertise on energy conservation and emissions reduction to help companies in the PRD implement air quality management.

[Programme]   [Report]   [Presentations]   [Press Release]   [The Bulletin]   [Chinese Media Report]

Clean Production Visit - Guangdong Esquel Textiles Co Ltd, 21 March 2007

"Clean production is possible!" This is the key message of the environmental visit to the Pearl River Delta on 21 March organised by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong Business Coalition on the Environment and Sustainable Development Subgroup of the Greater Pearl River Delta Business Council.

The 40-member delegation including business and media representatives visited the Hong Kong-invested Esquel Group in Guangdong to inspect its clean production facilities. The visit is part of the Project CLEAN AIR through which PRD enterprises are encouraged to emulate the example of factories employing successful clean production facilities. Esquel's example shows that it is possible, even profitable, to care for the environment at the same time as we do business.

[Report]     [HKGCC Press Release]      [Photos]     [About Esquel's Emissions Control Measurers]

Media ReportsGATV]23 Mar 07 / The Standard / Ming Pao / Hong Kong Economic Times / Oriental Daily / Sing Tao Daily / The Sun / Wen Wei Po

"Business for Clean Air" Conference, 27 November 2006

The "Business for Clean Air" Conference was organised under the joint joint banner of the Project CLEAN AIR, a business sector-wide effort initiated by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) and the Hong Kong Business Coalition on the Environment (BCE), and Action Blue Sky, a public campaign launched by the HKSAR Government.  

The Chief Executive Mr Donald Tsang signed the Clean Air Charter on behalf of the HKSAR Government at the Conference.

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300 senior officials and business leaders attended the Conference. A panel of business leaders was invited to exchange views and share experience on clean air policies and initiatives. At the Conference, the HKGCC and the BCE launched "The Clean Air Charter - A Business Guidebook", providing information on management measures that can be adopted by businesses to develop clean air programme.

 [Conference Report] / [Link to the Conference's details and speeches] / [Press Release]

Public Campaign
Clean Air Day, 20 November 2005

With the theme on "Care for the Air, Together", the Clean Air Day engaged the government, business sector and community in a collective effort to cleaning the air.

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CleanAirDayicon.jpg (56799 bytes)Date: 20 November 2005 at 2:00 pm-5:00 pm
Venue: Lower Piazza, Hong Kong Science Museum, TST East

Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
Hong Kong Business Coalition on the Environment

Environmental Protection Department
Environmental Campaign Committee

Strategic Partner:
Greater Pearl River Delta Business Council

Supporting Organisation:
Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Clean Air Day programme
Newspaper Supplements: SCMP / HKET / Ming Pao

777_banner.gif (9440 bytes)"7-7-7 Care-for-Air" Guideline

The Chamber and BCE have developed the "7-7-7 Care-for-Air" Guideline and encouraged individuals to take immediate, practical steps to contribute to improving air quality at home, at work and while travelling.

The official launching of the Action Blue Sky Campaign on 25 July 2006 has re-enforced Government's determination to improve Hong Kong's air quality.  The Chief Executive encouraged the whole community to participate in Clean Air efforts by implementing green practices in daily life, for example, reasonable air conditioning, using energy-efficient products, switching off idling engines and reducing the consumption of products containing volatile organic compounds.

We urge everyone in the community to make use of the 7-7-7 Guidelines to help protect the air we share!

Research and Report
Restoring Blue Skies: Review of the Policy Agenda on Air Pollution

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce submitted a policy paper to the HKSAR Government on 25 April 2008 with a package of 43 action-oriented ideas and recommendations to combat climate change and air pollution. [paper]

guidebookcovereng_icon.jpg (44844 bytes)The Clean Air Charter - A Business Guidebook

Quick Business Guide

To help endorsers of the Clean Air Charter implement air quality management, the HKGCC and BCE produced a  "Quick" Business Guide in May 2006, providing general information on air quality standards in Hong Kong, Mainland and other major economies and suggesting some general guidelines and technologies to reduce various emissions by industries and offices.  [download Quick Business Guide]

SME Pilot Scheme

With the assistance of an environmental consultant, a SME Pilot Scheme was then conducted to evaluate the costs of benefits of executing clean-air measures and to identify best practices of selective companies.  Four companies were selected to participate in the scheme:

- An office-based company
- A printing company producing VOC emissions
- A processing manufacturer in the PRD
- A manufacturer producing stack emissions

Business Guidebook

The "Quick" Guide was complemented by the results of the SME Pilot Scheme and other Project's studies to produce a comprehensive "The Clean Air Charter - A Business Guidebook".  The Guidebook was published on 27 November 2006.

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